BIM Consulting

Taking our cues from Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Virtual Design & Construct success in many first World Countries, ReMerge is working towards delivering targeted solutions for Mauritius and other African Countries. ReMerge will offer practical advice, without losing sight of the bigger built environmental vision.
Our BIM Consulting team has a wealth of global experience working on large complex developments in many countries. To date, they have successfully completed numerous BIM projects to meet the clients objectives on projects. Our point of difference from other organisations is our hands-on experience and connected BIM approach on offer. We have a long track record in delivering BIM Management services.

BIM Project Management

Project Management and Building Informational Modelling (BIM) are key interlinked processes for any project. BIM Project Management solutions offer a terrific opportunity for enhanced project information management. The single source of truth derived from information exchange processes are the core of this process. ReMerge BIM Consulting is front and centre in facilitating the exchange of information within BIM models to ensure a consistent approach is undertaken by the entire project team. Collaboration, Coordination and Cooperation are vital core ingredients to a successful project, where the BIM project management will play an integral part.
Through knowledge, experience and a deep focused comprehension of the digital built environment and its processes; we understand the digital construction landscape and help businesses and their projects to accelerate output and strengthen growth.

We deliver next-generation BIM solutions that help enables project teams to operate safely, effectively and efficiently, with connected BIM across the whole supply chain

BIM Projects

We have an in-depth awareness and knowledge of Building Information Modelling and Management (BIM) and a combined 30 + years experiences in the strategies, processes and technologies businesses to help clients unlock their project digital potential. Everything we do is bespoke to each client, creating value for their business and their projects

Ideally, every BIM project needs early establishment of the project BIM requirements. We offer a service to work closely with the client and design team to create a tailored Project BIM Brief or Exchange Information Requirements, which outlines the proposed use of the BIM processes and expected outcomes for the client project. Our BIM consulting services will specify the requirements for the project team to deliver design information in accordance with the design and estimating protocols. Ensuring design standards and guidelines are adhered to and can be adapted to downstream use in the construction phase and beyond into asset management (including refurbishment).

The Project BIM Brief will take into account a range of BIM uses and opportunities that may relevant to the client and to the project.

We review the BIM Guidelines based on global standards at the commencement of each project for potential inclusion:

BIM Execution Plans

Design Protocols

Digital fabrication

Construction scheduling & sequencing – 4D

Site utilisation planning

3D Scanning

Other FM information handover/ commissioning systems

Our track record of BIM projects carries
throughout Africa and into other international countries

BIM Protocols

ReMerge BIM consulting team comes with more than 8 years of BIM-specific experience and has created dozens of individually tailored BIM Execution Plans and project protocols for a range of clients and for a range of project procurement routes. We can produce either design or construction stage BIM Execution Plans depending on the project stage and we’ll define specifically how the project will be executed, monitored and controlled over the project stage duration. We take pride in our BIM plans that are practical, easy for clients and teams to understand and concise in nature.

ReMerge encourages and trains project team members to become digital leads within the construction process and works closely with global learning partners to help upskill teams and at set out of all construction delivery methods and services. We offer a service to set up the digital construction processes and implementation of applications to enable the site teams and contractors to utilise and manage the digital construction process.

And, even prior to site establishment, ReMerge are experienced in project management site logistics to ensure contractors understand the use of digital processes, drawings and 3D models so that the site management team can be review site constraints and opportunities in a 3D environment to help improve the pre-on-site planning process. We go even further, with detailed 4D construction sequencing models to effectively plan and monitor construction activity and can be utilised to validate progress claims.

Digital Construction

Digital strategies require all stakeholders (professionals and contractors) to be skilled and proficient in BIM. This balances the company’s investment in BIM, boosting the commercial gains afforded by the digital construction sector.

Digital Asset Management

BIM is more than just technology; it is also about helping companies maximise their productivity in preparing for the digital asset management

More often than not, the recipients of a Construction handover are left with boxes of papers. As well as hard drives full of drawing and 3D models that offer no practical interface for the end user. We take a different approach at ReMerge. We firmly believe finalised construction models should reflect the needs and ambitions of the end user.  ReMerge are specialists in BIM and can offer our clients a variety of enabled digital facilities management solutions. We can guide and consult our clients on the digital process and manage the information based on the employer’s information requirements.
We will ensure BIM models are ubiquitous, that is, they not aligned to a particular piece of design software. We want to safeguard your virtual asset to be able to integrate with a variety of Computer Aided Facilities Management platforms or simply we prefer PDF format in both 2D and 3D where data can be exported in a variety of outputs. This also allows our clients to manage information with ease without having to purchase expense software applications to run their digital models.


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